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The Library

Luna carries the large, dusty tome to the nearest table. Letting out a small grunt she heaves it on the surface of the table and sits down the in chair. Running her long fingers across the drity cover, she smiles placidly. She had been hoping the library hadn't gotten rid of this book. It was in ovbious need of repair; she would have to speak to Madam Pince about it's condition. Thankfully Professor Vector had given her a reason to check it out again. Since the book was so old and in such poor condition, the use of the book was restricted to those who required it's ancient knowledge for assignments. Luna wishes she could use it more. She felt like she went back in time each time she opened the cracking cover.

With great relish, she lowers her face towards the cover, and blows a great cloud of dust from the book. Groups of students nearby begin sneezing, coughing, and shooting dirty looks at Luna. As usual, she ignored them and smiled as she slowly opens the book.

I am an ancient witch at the birth of arithmancy, she thinks and goes to work finding the information she needed for her essay.
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