sok_theo (sok_theo) wrote in skewl_of_kewl,

In the library, far in the back . . .

Theo is sitting with his sketchbook in the back, drawing. Drawing is a skill he's been perfecting since he was young.

I wish I could be as dashing as I draw myself. I always look like some sort of hero or warrior when I do my self-portraits.

He finishes drawing himself and looks at the blank right side of the page that he left on purpose. He knows what he wants to draw, but he's hesitant. What would the harm be? he thinks. There's no law against it. I just can't let her see it. Ever.

Begins drawing furiously. He is very careful and precise this time, not leaving a single detail out. Quite a long time later, he finishes.

Well, he thinks, turning it at different angles to judge it, it's not half bad.

She's so beautiful . . .

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