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Hogwarts, Year Six

A Harry Potter RPG

Harry Potter RPG
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skewl_of_kewl is now CLOSED. No new applications will be accepted.

In the calm of Harry's sixth year, a sinister chain of events is about
to transform the school into a place where power and cunning are the
only rule and no Muggleborn is safe. With the snow comes isolation,
cold as ice, and no way to escape the freezing wind of hatred. Pray
your blood is truly pure.

skewl_of_kewl is a canon-based, PG-13, "het" Harry Potter RPG set in the trio's 6th year at Hogwarts. We don't mind "shipping", but our desire is to maintain a canon atmosphere with an emphasis on plot, and our tone and rules reflect that.

No sex - unless both characters are married to each other, please do not attempt to have them engage in sexual activity. Snogging is in, shagging is out; premarital sex (and the potential repercussions) diminishes the canon feel we hope to achieve, and also goes against the personal beliefs of some of our founders.

No slash - as there are no established homosexual characters in canon, this RPG is "het". Slash has a tendency to interfere with the friendships and other relationships as they exist in canon, and hinders the canon feel of the RPG.

Keep it PG-13 - Apologies to players outside of the US for any Googling required due to this rule. ;) Plot and character developments and actions should be appropriate reading for people thirteen and under, similar to canon. Keep this in mind as you play.

Be courteous - Please restrict all insults and nastiness to in-character remarks and be polite to the other players when out of character. If you wish to involve your character in a romance or plot with another character, always ask the player of that character for permission first.

Be in character - Stick to the character as written in the books as much as possible. Naturally, if your character is minor in canon or only exists as a name, you may invent things, but try to extrapolate from canon whenever you can.

Participate! - Our posting requirement is once per week, but please post as much as you can, and also remember to vote in any polls and collaborate with us on plot developments at lake_view.

Just to quickly and concisely reiterate, the rules are:

No sex
No slash
Keep it PG-13
Be courteous
Be in character

If you can deal with these rules, please apply! Applications are located here.