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Luna treds up the small, winding stone steps leading to the owlery, clutching her letter to her father in one hand, and her robes in the other. The wind is harsher up here, in the drafty tower, but she pushes on, desperate for some contact outside of Hogwarts. He has been feeling pent up for the past week; sure the school is vast and she can find places where she can go to be alone, but she longed for even just a short walk outside.

She pulls her robes closer to her slim body as she asended higher into the tower, her teeth chattering loudly. This weather is begining to become quite infuriating, Luna thinks bitterly. As she approaches the door to the owlery, she knows something very important is missing. She presses on, unable to shake the feeling that something is amiss. She places her hand on the freezing handle of the door and pushes it open quickly, eager to have any sort of contact with the outside.

Her heart is in her throat as she enters the tower room. The normal flurry of activity is non-existent; the usual sounds are silent. She walks along the wide row, normally full of owls of all types, but now, each perch is vacant.

Luna fights off the sudden urge to break down in tears. "No," she whispers to the empty room. Her fist tightens around her letter, crushing it in her small hand. She turns quickly, slamming the owlery door behind her, angry with whatever force was at work.
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